Service updates

Update- March 2019

Fastway Couriers-  firearm policy and procedure review

In light of the recent tragic events in Christchurch, and the Governments' pledge to undertake a review of the firearm legislation, Fastway Couriers will be conducting their own review of company firearm policies and procedures.

Fastway Couriers has always implemented robust policies around the shipping of firearms throughout New Zealand. However, the decision has been made to suspend the movement of firearms and firearm parts effective immediately whilst we undertake a review.

For clarity, the definition of a firearm part can be broadly defined by the following key statements:
1. Firearm parts or any piece of a firearm that is designed or intended to be an integral part of a firearm, or
2. Any part or item that can be affixed to a firearm where its intended purpose is to make the firearm more efficient or effective.
Firearm parts, regardless of whether it is in working condition or not, include but are not limited to, the breech, chamber, stock, butt, magazine, silencer, muzzle, barrel, bolt, firing pins, trigger assembly, hammers, cylinders, slides, sights, scopes (not free standing), Bipods and recoil pads.

We believe this is necessary for the safety of our customers and the wider public and we apologise if this directly impacts you or your business.

Should you have any queries, please contact your local Regional Franchisee who will provide you with further information.